Knowledge to resolve sustainable challenges

There is a constant need for knowledge to support the sustainable development in the seafood value chain. Knowledge sharing and talent development are key factors to our partners to increase the ability and knowledge to use and apply the latest technologies to be able to take action on sustainable growth.

We focus on the development and investment in our talent pool and the building of competence in the entire value chain.

Strategic goals:

  • Future oriented knowledgebase

The Cluster will develop the next generation of seafood education and increase mobility of personnel between industry, research and educational institutions.

  • Knowledge sharing

The Cluster will focus on activities to increase knowledge exchange across all stakeholders in and outside of the seafood cluster.

  • Talent attraction

The Cluster will focus on activities for increased talent attractivity to seafood education and career in the industry and strengthen young entrepreneurship and innovation.

Resource group - Knowledge:

Our resource groups represent an expert panel of business leaders and professionals from the various partners and members within business, research and academia. The resource groups' input and competence are crucial for the development of The Seafood Innovation Cluster. 

Read more about the resource groups here.