Innovation for sustainable seafood production

Our business partners are constantly searching for innovative and cutting-edge solutions that can contribute in solving major challenges for the seafood industry to achieve sustainable growth.

We explore and pursue new business solutions to sustainable increase seafood production and future value creation.

Strategic goals:

  • Secure sustainable seafood production

More industry focused research, innovation and technology to improve sustainable seafood production.              

  • Ensure faster adaption on new technology

Faster implementation of digital solutions and new technology in the seafood value chain.               

  • New growth areas in seafood

         Supporting future growth by exploring new ideas, concepts and business opportunities. 

Resource group - Innovation:

Our resource groups represent an expert panel of business leaders and professionals from the various partners and members within business, research and academia. The resource groups' input and competence are crucial for the development of The Seafood Innovation Cluster. 

Read more about the resource groups here.