Resource groups in The Seafood Innovation Cluster

Our resource groups represent an expert panel of business leaders and professionals from the various partners and members within business, research and academia. The resource groups' input and competence are crucial for the development of The Seafood Innovation Cluster.

Our vision is to enable sustainable growth within the seafood industry. To reach this goal, we provide a range of services and activities to our members within our key business areas:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Innovation
  3. Entrepreneurship & Commercialization

To support our work to achieve sustainable growth, we have established resource groups within each business areas:

Resource Group Knowledge:

Knowledge manager: Benedicte Skogen, The Seafood Innovation Cluster

  • Anne Lorgen Riise, Group Director of HR, MOWI ASA
  • Siren Grønhaug Kvalitet, Group Director HR, Lerøy Seafood Group ASA
  • Kathleen Mathisen, Group Director HR, Grieg Seafood ASA
  • Judith Tørvi, HR Manager, Cargill Aqua Nutrition
  • Livar Frøyland, Director of Research, Institut of Marine Research
  • Bente Thorstensen, Division Director, Nofima
  • Stein Ivar Steinshamn, Professor,  NHH
  • Rita Tveiten, Business Development Manager, BI
  • Erik Wilberg, Associate Professor, BI
  • Sigurd Stefansson, Professor, University of Bergen
  • Geir Martin Førland, Head of Department, Western Norway University of Applied Science

Resource Group Innovation:

Innovation manager: Björgolfur Hávardsson, The Seafood Innovation Cluster

  • Øyvind Oaland, Global Director-Research & Development, MOWI ASA
  • Harald Sveier, Manager, Lerøy Ocean Harvest, Lerøy Seafood Group ASA
  • Tor Eirik Homme, Director Feed and Nutrition, Grieg Seafood ASA
  • Simon Nesse Økland, Head of Development, Bremnes Seashore
  • Ketil Christensen, Category manager, digital & services, Cargill
  • Petter Frost, General Manager, Director Reseach Science, MSD Animal Health Innovation AS
  • Rudi Ripman Seim, Head of Fish Health, Benchmark Genetics
  • Siri Vike, Director Strategic Development, PharmaqAnalytic
  • Vidar Aspehaug, Chief Business Development Officer, PatoGen AS
  • Bente Thorstensen, Division Director, Nofima
  • Sigurd Stefansson, Professor, University of Bergen
  • Ingunn Sommerset, Head of Fish Health, Norwegian Veterinary Institute
  • Hans Torstein Kleivdal, Executive Vice President, Environment, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre
  • Geir Lasse Taranger, Vice Director and Research Director, Institute of Marine Reseach
  • Geir Anton Johansen, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Science, Western Norway University of Applied Science
  • Cato Lyngøy, Manging Director, Hauge Aqua AS
  • Erlend Torgnes, CEO, Optimeering Aqua
  • Merete Bjørgan Schrøder, Seniorforsker, Sintef Ocean


Resource group leader: Nina Stangeland, Managing Director, The Seafood Innovation Cluster

  • Hilde Indresøvde, Head of Start and Scale, VIS

  • Ingrid Kylstad, COO, Katapult Ocean

  • Kristian Botnen, CEO, Lingalaks 

  • Maria B. Helsengreen, Partner, EY

  • Maria Hanedalen Bøthun, Strategic Advisor Start-ups and Scale-ups, DNB

  • Nina Grieg, Manager Business Development, Grieg Seafood

  • Ståle Stormark, BAN Manager, Connect Vest Bergen

If you have interest in or would like to contribute into one of our resource groups, please contact:

Nina Stangeland, [email protected]

Benedicte Skogen, [email protected]

Björgolfur Hávardsson, [email protected]