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What is Norwegian Centres of Expertise?

The Seafood Innovation Cluster applied and received status as a Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE) in 2015, with a project funding period from 2015-2025.

The government funded cluster program supports activities that will contribute to sustainable innovation by releasing and reinforcing collaborative development activities in the cluster, to increase the cluster´s dynamic and attractiveness, and to increase each individual company´s ability.

14 NCE clusters in Norway
Norway currently has 14 strong NCE clusters with companies that are establishing themselves in the global marketplace within their fields

1.   NCE Aquaculture
2.   NCE Aquatech Cluster
3.   NCE Tourism Fjord Norway
4.   NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster
5.   NCE Media
6.   NCE Maritime CleanTech
7.   NCE Culinology
8.   NCE Eyde
9.   NCE Micro- and Nanotechnology
10. NCE Systems Engineering Kongsberg
11. NCE Oslo Cancer Cluster
12. NCE Oslo Medtech
13. NCE Raufoss
14. NCE Smart Energy Markets

Read more about the programme here.