Ocean Industries Accelerator (OIA)

- A new accelerator for the ocean industries!

The new accelerator Ocean Industries Accelerator (OIA), is situated in the heart of the innovation community at Marineholmen. The ambition of the accelerator is to provide actors from the ocean industries the possibility to cooperate in a simplified and better way.

Source: bergento.no 24.01.2017

The Bergen region is a centre for international leading companies within shipping, aquaculture and the oil and gas industry today. By ensuring a continuously closer relationship and cooperation between the industries and research institutions, the number of ideas finding their way to the society is likely to increase.

This is why Ocean Industries Accelerator (OIA) was established as a cooperation between GCE Subsea, NCE Maritime Cleantech, NCE Seafood and Bergen Teknologioverføring. OIA is a community for companies from the ocean industries, providing 18 offices and an open-space office, surrounded by other entrepreneurs.

– The establishment of OIA is a further development of our national accelerator program Accel Seafood and Accel Energy. New and established companies, experienced mentors and competent investors participate, contributing to growth, innovation and resizing. Now, many of these actors will gather under one roof, says Hilde Indresøvde, General Manager of Incubations at Bergen Teknologioverføring.

Who can apply?
Start-ups, entrepreneurs and established actors are welcome to apply for a membership. As a member, you will gain access to 15 meeting rooms, kitchen facilities and big cooperation areas. In addition, you will receive invitations to social events for the innovation community in the region, hosted by Bergen Teknologioverføring. Members of OIA will gain access to important resources and competence. This includes the possibility to consult our partners Innovation Norway, DNB, Steenstrup Stordrange and ZACCO regarding questions one may have.

Please visit Nyskapingsparkens website for more information about the memberships at OIA.


Åpner havbruksakselerator, 20.02.2017