Research and Development

The Cluster has an extensive collaboration of Norwegian and international research groups and partners from innovative industry and innovative public enterprises. Research and Innovation are important aspects of the clusters activities, and the partners are all committed to making an effort in terms of expanding research capacitites and developing solutions to operational challenges facing the seafood industry.

Four Center's of Research based Innovations are linked to the cluster, all related to environmental sustainability, enabling innovation in technologies and solutions for sustainable production: combating sea-lice and new technology platforms.

The Cluster is the largest contributor to R&D within the seafood industry in Norway, with a combined R&D budget of over 300 million NOK, the equivalent of 60% of Norways R&D within the seafood industry. We believe our focus on research and development is crucial to realize the full potential of the seafood industry, both in terms of sustainability, production and value creation.


Four Centers of Research based Innovations are established in the cluster, all related to environmental sustainability, enabling innovation in technologies and solutions for sustainable production; sea-lice,  harvesting and pre-processing of living marine resources. 

The Clusters cooperates with a wide specter of researchers and technology providers to reduce the costs of biomass production at sea, as well as to develop products for food, feed, energy and raw materials for industry and agriculture. Below are some of the main aspects of our R&D efforts.

Fish health - To prevent sea lice and disease, one of the most important aspects of the Clusters research and development efforts is to ensure the physical well-being of the fishes. This involves continous research in order to find the best methods of medicination and water purification, but also new solutions on how to control parasites and bacteria.

New Technology - To be able to keep production high, new technology is a constant need within the seafood industry. The Cluster and its partners are commited in the work towards both improving excisting solutions while developing new. Developing technology in terms of fish feed, medication, aquaculture, transportation etc. are all important aspects of keeping the industry sustainable. By cooperating with research institutions and focusing on producing new technology, we keep the industry moving forward.

Fish feed - One of the most important aspects of our research efforts is to find the best possible feeding solutions. Developing nutritional improvements is key to secure the growth and welfare of the fish. To keep the seafood industry at high performance, The Seafood Innovation Cluster promote continous development of sustainable technology within the fish feed industry.

Sustainability - in order to remain effective, the seafood industry must ensure that the production is sustainable. This involves a constant rethinking of our methods in order to minimize costs while maximizing production. By prioritizing knowledge and research, we ensure that our solutions are sustainable both in economical and environmental terms.

Food Safety - The Seafood Industry's most important responsibility is to secure the food safety of the world. The United Nations Fisheries and Aquaculture department has stated the importance of the seafood industry keeping the production on a level which outpaces population growth. By promoting increased production through our R&D efforts, The seafood innovation cluster wishes to be a part of securing the food safety of generations to come.