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Executive MBA in Global Seafood

Based on an initiative from the Seafood Innovation Cluster, NHH Executive has developed an Executive MBA program within Sustainable Innovation in Global Seafood. The program is designed for executives, leaders and other professionals within the Global Seafood Industry and related industries. The format of the program caters to international participants in geographically spread locations with four intensive modules being run in different international locations.

The MBA program is designed for people working in the seafood industry or related industries, where the need for sustainable innovation is increasingly important to succeed in a highly competitive environment.

The participants will develop new knowledge, gain skills and increase the general competence that is required in order to lead the seafood industry into a more sustainable future with innovative ideas across the entire value chain.

Goals for the programme: 
The programme aims at preparing seafood industry professionals for senior management positions by providing in-depth knowledge and expertise across key areas such as sustainable resource, industry analyses, strategic decision making, sustainable business models, finance and accounting, international management, leading innovation and change. The programme augments this broad, general curriculum with a strong focus on the seafood industry. It provides breadth and depth through course work that is topical, relevant, and tailored to address the critical issues of the seafood industry today and in the future.

The programme integrates theoretical and practical applications, and features engagement and networking among faculty members and experienced classmates. The goal is to provide relevant competence at a high academic level, and to build a network for learning and further development both within and outside the classroom sessions. The group of participants is small and carefully selected as we aim to bring together people from different parts of the world representing a broad set of expertise and experiences. This facilitates learning and provides diverse perspectives on business problems. As such, this networking feature is an important learning factor, both during the programme and after its completion.

Program details:

  • Four modules each lasting one semester. Every semester ends with a five day module meeting and an assessment
  • Program starts in the October 2016
  • Digital learning environment that supports work conducted between meetings
  • Flipped classroom approach – meetings focus on active dialogue/class discussions

Program structure:

The programme consists of four modules, each of which focuses on different subjects:

  • Module 1: The seafood industry in a global context, Bergen
  • Module 2: Strategic analysis and sustainable business models, Canada
  • Module 3: International management
  • Module 4: Leading change and innovation

The programme is organised as a two-year, part-time programme worth 60 ECTS credits. It is an experience-based master's degree programme, and candidates who complete the programme receive a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a specialisation in Sustainable Innovation in Global Seafood.

Next Executive MBA within Global seafood will start October 2018. Early-bird-price before 31.12.2017. Read more here.

Contact details for the program: 
Senior Executive Officer
Phone: +47 55 95 99 01

Read more about the programme here