In 2015, the Seafood Innovation Cluster gave Scholarships to three Master students at the University of Bergen, that planned Master-theses relevant to the activities of the cluster. These students were Malene Nerland, Kåre Andreas Thorsen and Imelda Rantty. These students fulfilled the criteria presented by The Seafood Innovation Cluster, by writing about seafood industry- and aquaculture-based cases, as well as themes relevant to the activities of the cluster. The students will gain access to world-leading research infrastructures within the seafood sector, and have cluster support to further work on their thesis.

Malene Nerland is an economics student at the University of Bergen, in her Master thesis she will discuss the demand for seafood in Norway and the demographic and economic factors affecting this demand.

Kåre Andreas Thorsen is a biology student at the University of Bergen, in his thesis he will look at the changes in the mucosal layer in the skin of Atlantic salmon, as a result of a controlled infection with a known density og sea lice in the chalimus stage.

Imelda Rantty is also a biology student at the University of Bergen, and will in her Master thesis address the use of Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) for delousing.

PHD Scholarship

Research and development are an important prerequisite for further growth in the seafood industry. It is crucial for the industry to strengthen links with research institutions to meet the growing need for knowledge that follows the continual need for seafood. The Seafood industry needs students willing to contribute facing the challenges in the industry through research efforts.

The Seafood Innovation Cluster wishes to announce scholarships to students writing PhD-theses relevant to the activities of the Cluster, the scholarship provides an unique opportunity to make a contribution to growth in one of the most important and fastest growing industries in Norway. The Scholarship are rewarded to students witing theses within the cluster priority areas; innovation, sustainability and market development.