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For ambitious entrepreneurs, researchers, SMEs, TTOs, and R&D companies wanting to make an impact on our world. Our platform lets you find the industry challenges and opportunities which companies see as the most important showstoppers to solve. Furthermore, the portal lets you navigate between relevant investors, public grants, and competency providers to boost your innovation process. In a longer perspective you can expect more services on our platform. Want to have early access? Sign up here.


Investors seeking returns from impactful investments will be able to explore ambitious startups. Our platform gives you exposure towards innovators in a growing seafood industry, and lets you explore existing companies set out to innovate for safer, more environmentally friendly, and delicious seafood to your table. If you represent a large institution, family office, angel investor, venture capital firm or corporation, and want to invest in sustainable seafood. Inform us and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Established company?

Corporations seeking long-term growth and competitiveness, limited by seafood industry challenges can connect with specialized problem solvers. Our platform lets you share insights about the problems you are facing and explore highly qualified innovators to form partnerships with those who can help you innovate for a sustainable future. Facing an industry challenge? Leave us a note and we will get in touch shortly.

Service provider?

Accelerators, incubators, advisory companies, and others supporting the seafood ecosystem is essential to boosting the seafood growth. Our platform lets you present your services towards seafood innovators and discover existing startups in the ecosystem for dealflow. Want to get on early? Inform us and we will get in touch with you shortly


For universities, and other public organizations the opportunities are many. Our platform is planned to be expanded in a longer perspective, in order to serve more actors in the seafood industry. If you have thoughts about how we could develop the portal to provide you value, please send us your input.




The Seafood Innovation Cluster is committed to support sustainable growth and global competitiveness for the Norwegian seafood industry. This includes cultivating and developing strategic partnerships between all stakeholders in the ecosystem. The Seafood Innovation Portal is being developed with the guiding principle of simplification. To let users, easily get an overview of relevant stakeholders and form meaningful partnerships for increased innovation and a more sustainable future.

The portal is currently under closed beta development. Any inquiries can be sent to [email protected]