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EU Partnerships and Innovation

The EU is finalising work programmes and calls for innovation projects in 2018-2019 which will be published in the course of the autumn with deadline in the winter/spring 2018. A number of information days and brokerage events are organised to help applicants find qualified partners and win EU funding. Most of these events are held in Brussels but some are also happening in Norway. The cluster’s EU Advisor, Poppy Kalesi, will support you with your application to secure EU funding and find relevant partners for your innovation projects.

Opportunities for innovation funding are plenty and significant. A collaborative EU project typically covers up to 70% of industry partners’ costs and total funding is about € 6 million.

Some of the 2018 programmes and topics with relevance to our cluster partners include:

Blue Growth
Sustainable Aquaculture 2.0: breeding and feeding; high added value chains and products, such as bioenergy, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics from algae; efficient and sustainable use of by-products; knowledge of mesopelagic zone ecosystems and innovation for food and nutrition security

Circular economy
Waste - recycling, reuse and recovery; a water smart society. Concepts including 100% use of fish biomass and RAS could be relevant here

New work processes and skills’ development in the broader Industry 4.0 context

Smart and renewable energy

Resource efficiency, especially water. Could be relevant for RAS concepts