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NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster becomes member of the European Aquaculture Technology Platform (EATiP)

In June 2017 NCE Seafood became a member of the European Aquaculture Technology Platform, the voice of the research and innovation community of the aquaculture industry in Europe.

This is a strategic partnership growing the cluster’s international network of research and innovation partners which will translate into collaborative EU projects and common positions on EU policy affecting the sustainable growth of aquaculture.

EATiP focuses its collaborative work on eight priorities affecting the long-term sustainability of European Aquaculture:

  1. Product quality, Consumer Safety & Health
  2. Technology & Systems
  3. Managing the Biological Lifecycle
  4. Sustainable Feed Production
  5. Integration with the Environment
  6. Knowledge Management
  7. Aquatic Animal Health and Welfare
  8. Socio-economics & Management

Our EU Advisor, Poppy Kalesi, will represent the cluster in EATiP meetings to promote NCE Seafood’s priorities in FP9, the EU’s next research and innovation framework programme starting in 2020 and to find relevant EU project partners and opportunities for the cluster’s members. If you want to get involved, get in touch with Poppy.

Read more about EATiP here.